Hello there! My name is Paula and I have been creating natural skincare products since 2008 after feeling disenchanted by the traditional cosmetic industry. I have a Ph.D. in Biology and I have completed the skincare program The Professional Series with Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Registered Aromatherapy Health Practitioner Tracey TieF in Toronto.

In 2009, I founded the skincare company Olivia Canela to fill a void for great and simple skincare in Newfoundland. Olivia Canela has evolved into an inspirational blog about my Small Batch Living journey.

In 2013, SeaBerry Studios was launched! I host workshops on how to create skincare that works, based on kind ingredients. It's all about empowering people to make safe, affordable, and customized skincare in their own homes.

At SeaBerry, the philosophy is do more and buy less. We use minimal ingredients and strive to incorporate local and wildcrafted botanicals. We make only what we need; to reduce waste, to raise consciousness about what's in cosmetics, impacts on the skin and health, as well as the environment.

Now, I created DIY boxes where you'll find all the ingredients needed to create skincare at home. Each box features a botanical wildcrafted right here in Newfoundland. 

If I'm not crafting creams, balms and other concoctions, I'm likely gardening, cooking, hanging out with my boys or writing for oliviacanela.com.

I'm eager to share my skincare passion with YOU, one workshop at a time, and hopefully contribute to a cleaner and happier planet.

Check out my workshop offerings or if looking for ingredients and packaging check The Shoppe.

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