• Image of DIY BOX Bath Bombs - Calendula
  • Image of DIY BOX Bath Bombs - Calendula
  • Image of DIY BOX Bath Bombs - Calendula

Funny how something as simple as a bath bomb can be so tricky to perfect! Sometimes they come out too crumbly, others too greasy, sometimes they don’t even come out at all from the mold. The SeaBerry DIY Box comes with everything you’ll need to help you on the quest for the perfect bath bomb.

The SeaBerry box makes about 10 mini full-moons. They fizz away while slowly releasing the perfect natural ingredients in the water to soothe your skin.

The SeaBerry bath bombs have calendula petals, known for its ability to help heal wounds and skin abrasions. Add a bit of lavender essential oil to the mix for its outstanding balancing and healing effects on the nervous system. The box includes packaging and labels in case you want to gift the bath bombs to a lucky soul.

- Wildcrafted and cultivated calendula petals
- Epsom salts
- Baking soda
- Citric acid
- Cornstarch
- Coconut oil
- Lavender essential oil
- Witch hazel distillate
- Bath bomb mold
- 5 Paper bags and labels
- Recipe Cards

- Medium size bowl
- Spoon or whisk
- Parchment paper

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