• Image of DIY BOX Baby Balm - Calendula
  • Image of DIY BOX Baby Balm - Calendula
  • Image of DIY BOX Baby Balm - Calendula

Are you pregnant or have small children? Want to take charge of goes on yours and the little ones skin? Looking for a “do more-buy less” gift experience to your expecting friend? This new DIY Box is for YOU! In each box you’ll find all the ingredients you need to make 2 Baby Balms, clear instructions, and beautiful packaging and labels for your final product.

The SeaBerry Baby Balm is a rich balm with the healing properties of Calendula and Yarrow wildcrafted right here in Newfoundland. Calendula is renowned for its antibacterial properties. Its petals are recognized for their ability to help heal wounds and skin abrasions. Yarrow has been called the Queen of Herbs for its many uses and highly esteemed throughout history. Applied to the skin, yarrow is helpful with skin itching, rashes, wounds and eczema. It has a general astringent and anti-inflammatory action.

This balm is great for the baby's sensitive skin and is cloth diaper friendly! It can also be used by mom as a belly balm during pregnancy or on her breasts during breastfeeding. Use the bigger tin at home and the smaller one on the diaper bag so you’re never too far away from this soothing balm.

- Olive oil infused with wildcrafted calendula and yarrow
- Avocado oil
- Coconut oil
- Shea butter
- Candelilla wax
- 2 Tins (30 ml & 15 ml) and labels
- Recipe Card

- Heat-resistant measuring cup
- Small spoon, bamboo stick or small spatula
- Pot that fits the measuring cup (for a water bath)

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